Nathan Goltz, Site Manager
A fourth-generation farmer from Oliver, British Columbia, Nathan brings a strong history of innovative agricultural techniques to Vanessa Vineyard.
His dedication to producing quality fruit, and improving the vineyard’s operations can be attributed to the legacy of his late father Robert Goltz, and the Goltz family, who have been leaving a footprint in the Okanagan for many years.

What is your favourite thing to do during the off season?
Hunt, fish and be outdoors.

Where would you like to go once the restrictions are lifted?
Belize is at the top of my list.

Secret spot in the Similkameen Valley?
There is a spot up the hill in Cawston where you are surrounded by old growth fir trees. They are large and gnarly looking, you walk through them to the start of a ravine where the water first percolates out of the ground, which starts the Cawston Creek.

Who makes you laugh the most?
My sister Sarah Goltz.

What do you think is your dad’s greatest legacy?
His known generosity and kindness, while at the same time being firm and direct and he did this in bare feet.

What is your beverage of choice?

Favourite quote?
“Starve the ego, feed the soul.”

What was the best advice you received?
What you can’t get done in 6 days you won’t get done in 7. So it’s ok to take a day off for yourself.

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