Our 2012 vintages include two elegant full-bodied wines, a Meritage and a Syrah – two names you may not have heard of before. So what meals are best to pair them with?

Let’s start with our 2012 Syrah. This is a full-bodied wine that gives off a rich bouquet of dark plums and floral aromas with notes of cedar. Black fruits, leather, white pepper, and chocolate notes fill the mouth layered over silky tannins. The long finish shows spice and smoky oak.

A full-bodied Syrah, like ours, has bold flavours that pair well with flavourful foods. Try barbecued meats – pork, lamb, sausages all work well. For a unique but fitting pairing, try wild game or beef stew. And in terms of a cheese pairing, go with an aged hard cheese, something that will let the bold wine flavour shine without clashing with the cheese.

Our 2012 Meritage is another full-bodied wine yet has an elegant profile that gives off a rich bouquet of dark fruits, floral aromas and notes of sweet tobacco. Dark berries, fig jam and cacao notes fill the mouth layered over silky tannins and minerality from the soil. The long finish shows baking spices, cinnamon and cardamom, and sweet vanilla.

A Meritage wine can be paired in a similar fashion to many Bordeaux wines – It actually works well with a wide array of foods. And since each Meritage is a unique blend of certain ‘noble’ grape varietals, they can vary in suitable pairings. We suggest trying out different pairings for this wine and having fun with it.

A pairing of particular note for our 2012 Meritage is red meat such as lamb or beef. A well-marbled steak pairs well with the Meritage’s excellent structure and concentrated flavours. To try this pairing, we suggest dining at one of Vancouver’s best steakhouses that serve Vanessa Vineyard Meritage – see our list HERE of restaurants you can find us in.

To learn more about wine pairings, click HERE to head over to the Wines of British Columbia website. They offer a great overview of pairings for different types of wine along with some great tasting tips.