So what does it really mean for our wines to be ‘true to the heritage of its terroir’?

The ‘terroir’ refers to the natural environment that a wine is produced in. This includes the soil condition, topography of the land and the local climate. Each of these factors play a role in creating a unique taste and flavour for that particular wine.

Vanessa Vineyard is fortunate to be located in the beautiful and expansive Similkameen Valley in the Thompson-Okanagan region, just north of the US border. With 691 acres planted, comprised of several award-winning vineyards, the valley has a unique terroir that is very well suited to growing grapes. The summers are hot, with low rainfall, low humidity and strong afternoon winds, which reduces the chance of crops being lost to disease or pests.

Our vines sit hillside, overlooking the entire valley, on 75 acres of sloping, well-drained, rocky terrain. This benefits our grapes as the west, to southwest, facing slope receives the afternoon sun and is situated well for water drainage. These two factors lessen the impact of spring and fall frosts, allowing for a longer growing season and an intensely ripe fruit.

Our vines grow in rows of rock, which is a unique aspect of our location in the Similkameen Valley. The rock stresses the vines while also absorbing daytime heat and propagating it back through the vines during the cooler nights. This gives the grapes their unique and complex character.

To be true to this terroir, we enlisted a team of advisors to assist in choosing the clones and rootstock that are best suited to the particular soil, topography and climate of the valley. We are also committed to respecting the land on which we operate, while achieving uncompromising quality and production efficiency.

And that is how our wine stays true to the heritage of its terroir.