Howard Timothy Lee Soon, C.M.
Kelowna, British Columbia

For his leading role in shaping, expanding and elevating British Columbia’s wine industry.

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In the words of John Schreiner, Canada’s most prolific author of wine books:

“The Order of Canada is the highest honour that Canada can give to a citizen. No one is more deserving of such an honour than Howard Soon. He will do his 40th vintage this year at Vanessa Vineyard, which he joined in 2017 on retiring from Sandhill Wines. Throughout his illustrious career, his wines have won more than 100 major awards. He has mentored numerous other winemakers. He was a pioneer in championing single vineyard wines and in elucidating the concept of terroir. Becoming the first BC winemaker to receive the Order of Canada crowns a remarkable, and continuing, career.”